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Annual Seminar with Tuhon Ray!


It’s our pleasure to announce the 3rd Annual FCS Kali Seminar here in Washington, DC!  The seminar will be headed by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo (founder of FCS Kali) on             !   


Curriculum Covered:

We will be covering aspects of Curriculum levels I - V, and much more!!! 

No prior experience is necessary and all skill levels are welcome so this would be a great opportunity to start learning FCS-Kali!


The disciplines of FCS include but are not limited to:

  • Unarmed:  open armed strikes; foot/leg strikes


  • Blunt weapons: single stick, double stick, tactical baton, flexible weapons


  • Sharp edged weapons:  single/double/& hooked blades; sword


  • Clothed weapons (items you might wear):  Sarong /Malong; belts, etc.



What to bring: 

Sticks and training knives.  There will be some available for purchase on site.


Fee: $150.00 for both days ($75 each day)

* via paypal (, cash, or credit card (

** 10% discount to those who pay prior to  




FCS Kali DC Representative & Training Group Leader

Mosi K. Jack, LL.M.




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