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 FCS Kali is highly modular art as developed by Tuhon Ray and taught by Regional Instructor Mosi--all of the techniques we practice:  stick, knife, sword and empty hand are all interconnected--everything you learn for one medium is transferable to the others.  The group is dedicated, welcoming and mutually supportive.  Mosi is highly dedicated to the art and to his students.  I appreciate having this outlet to improve myself and to interact with some really great people.  The class provides a safe environment for developing skills.  If you have previous martial arts experience, this will give you another perspective.  If you have no previous training, this is a good way to start.


Dr. A on August 4th, 2015


I've been a student at DC kali for almost a year.  Before my first class I thought that learning a new art would be a breeze, as my life had pretty much revolved around wrestling from my early years up until college.  I have never been so wrong, it was a humbling experience.  DC Kali is a meetup I have been lucky to find.  Instructor Mosi's very considerable skill in the art of Kali (or as we say FCS) is overshadowed only by his skill as a teacher.  I have not missed more than one or two classes since.

Mosi's teaching style is highly individualized and cerebral.  He spends time with the guys he knows and he spends time with the new arrivals.  Do not expect to be ignored, but also do not expect to just be able to coast through a class.  He expects the most you can give, and similarly, Mosi teaches you just as much as he feels each student can absorb on an individual basis.  I found his style to be refreshing.  As he shows you the FCS philosophy, you realize that learning single moves is not important.  A true FCS practitioner will approach his or her execution as a flow in which one has to think and adapt constantly.  I never approached wrestling in that way-I would work to overwhelm an opponent as quickly as possible.  In this class, I learned control and I never thought it would be so challenging.  Yet Mosi always keeps you interested and engaged, but its not all business either.  He's a funny dude too... 

Also I have to add that I feel that I am among my friends when I enter class.  This group is pretty special bunch of people.  I know everyone on a first name basis (and that is a rarity, as I am terrible with names).  As an example of the class's personal touch, I thought it was a nice gesture for Mosi's wife to bake a cake for one of the student's on his birthday.  And we all had a great time taking Mosi out for his birthday, even though he kicked my butt at ping pong.  

In conclusion, in DC Kali I've found a great teacher, discovered an art that appears simple, but is infinitely complex in its execution. I have made a bunch of friends, and have a new favorite hobby.  I commute just for the opportunity to participate (I live in Ashburn VA...far from DC) and I know of at least one more student who commutes to class like I do every thursday and Saturday.  I can not think of a better testament to the quality of this class than that fact.


Richard Rosenblatt  on 8/4/2015

“ Really enjoyed training with Mosi, his knowledge and instruction are excellent. Look forward to more training! ”


— Kritis Dasgupta on Dec 17, 2011

“ Have been receiving excellent instruction from Mosi in both Sayoc and FCS. He breaks down complex applications in a very simple manner. He is extremely patient, laid back but very thorough in showing the movements, tactics, and applications of both systems. I look forward to attending his classes which are very reasonably priced. ”


— carlos j. on Sep 22, 2012.



“ again very good getting into practical attack and defend scenarios , right in the beginning . can't wait to learn more ”


— Ramon on Dec 11, 2012.

Awesome seminar. I attended both days. Tuhon Ray was extremely helpful, efficient and motivational for our learning of FCS kali. He answered all of our questions on how to define improvement and specifically, technique, style and thinking-approach to FCS kali. Mosi, thanks for being patient with us as well and coming around to ensure we were able to catch aspects of training. Really enjoyed this. Thank you for inviting!



This was a great seminar taught by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo. It was a real privilege to be instructed by the person who founded such a complex, wholistic, practical, and effective martial art. I only attended Saturday's class but I learned a lot and saw Tuhon Ray showcase AMAZING empty hand, knife and stick work. Even as I struggled with learning some basic drills and applications, Tuhon Ray was very encouraging, patient, and humble. Thank you Tuhon Ray for a fantastic seminar, and thank you Mosi for bring FCS to Washington D.C.


Carlos J.

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