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The disciplines of FCS include, but are not limited to:

   Panantukan / Filipino Boxing

   Mano-Mano / Open Hand fighting

   Sikaran / Foot and Leg Fighting 

   Solo Baston / Single Stick 

   Double Baston / Double Stick

   Olisi Palad / Palm Stick, Tactical Baton 

   Kerambit / Hooked Blade

   Daga / Single Blade 

   Daga Daga / Double Blade 

   Espada / Long Sword

   Bolo / Filipino knife similar to the machete

   Espada y Daga / Sword and Dagger 

   Tabak-Toyok / Nunchaku

   Sarong or Malong / a length of fabric worn by men and women throughout much Southeast Asia

   Latiko / Whip 


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